13 January 2013



Soyamate Vadai Kulambu

Happy Ponggal everybody. 
Let us have one new recipe for this auspicious day. 


A. Ingredients for Vadai 

Enrico's Soyamate             200gms
Gram Dhall                        150gms
Big Onion                           2
Green Chilly                       2
Ginger                               40gms
Garlic                                5gms
Cooking oil for frying  
Salt to taste


1. Soak Enrico's Soyamate in warm water for 20 mins and squeeze out all water and mince the Soyamate in the blender.
2. Soak gram dhall and grind coarsely.
3. Take onions,green chilly, ginger and garlic and chop very fine. 
4. Mix together the Soyamate, gram dhall, and the chopped ingredients.
5. Add required salt. Make into small balls and deep fry in oil .

B. Ingredients for Curry 

Enrico's Ghee                   50gms
Big Onion                         2
Ginger                             40gm
Green Chilly                     2 (split to 8 pcs)
Garlic                              5gms (cut into 2)
Curry Leave                      5gms
Tamarind                          20gms (soak in water and take the juice)
Tomato                            2 (diced)
Coconut Milk                    100ml 
Spices :
Cumin Powder                   10gms
Fennel Powder                   10gms
Coriander powder                10gms
Turmeric powder                 5gms
Meat Curry powder             10gms
Salt to taste


1. Heat up Enrico's Ghee in a pot. Add onion. Fry till light brown, then add ginger and garlic and fry for 20 mins. 
2. Add the tamarind juice. Then add the mixed spices. Add required water. 
3. Let it boil well. Add coconut milk, curry leaves, diced tomato, green chilly. 
4. Let it boil and lastly add the Soyamate Vadai.
5. Let the Soyamate vadai get soaked with the curry for 10 mins and serve. 

Serves : 10 persons.